Scope 2 emissions

Scope 2 is indirect emissions from purchased electricity. Elopak source renewable electricity for all our sites.

For organizations to play their part in the global response to climate change, renewable energies must take on an increasingly significant role within the electricity supply mix. Energy from sources such as solar and wind power are becoming more and more competitive. Renewable electricity means sourcing from such renewable sources.

To source renewable electricity, companies can either directly invest in new renewable generation capacity or use certificate systems. Elopak is purchasing energy certificates to cover 100% of our electricity consumption. The electricity consumed should be sourced from renewable electricity generators operating within the same market boundary.

Elopak sources certificates close to our sites. We used the following sources for the supply of renewable electricity at our sites:
Guarantees of Origin (GO)
Embretsfoss Hydropower plant, Norway
International Renewable Electricity Certificates (I-RECs)
Krzecin and Piecki wind farms, Poland
North America
Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
Cameron wind park, USA
International Renewable Electricity Certificates (I-RECs)
Khelladi Wind Farm, Morocco
Saudi Arabia
International Renewable Electricity Certificates (I-RECs)
FRV Solar Holdings IX B.V, Jordan
International Renewable Electricity Certificates (I-RECs)
Singoli Bhatwari HEP, India


Renewable electricity

Read this article from our supplier Becour about how we document our use of renewable energy.

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In 2015, Elopak became the first packaging company and the first Norwegian company to join the RE100 campaign, committing to sourcing 100% renewable electricity from 2016 onwards for all sites where we have operational control. We were one of a few companies in the RE100 campaign to reach this goal at this early stage. RE100 states that over 280 companies have committed to 100% renewable energy, of which 76 of the RE100 members (up 15 from 2021) have announced reaching 100% renewable electricity.