Diversity, equity and inclusion


As Elopak aim for growth organically as well as through M&A’s, we need the very qualities that define a diverse and inclusive culture.

Our principles and commitments are outlined in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policy which was developed in 2022. All decisions, from recruiting to promotions (including compensation), should be merit-based, and not based on characteristics such as gender, national origin, religion, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or age.

We promote a culture based on equal treatment of employees, mutual respect and trust, and we offer fair and decent working conditions. At Elopak, we do not tolerate any form of unfair treatment or discrimination, and in accordance with our Code of Conduct, all employees are encouraged to speak up and/or report their concern if they are aware of a situation in breach of the principles described in this policy.

Our speak-up culture and whistleblower helpline (further described here) are important tools for promoting and safeguarding a decent working environment and well-being of our employees.



Target the same distribution in gender diversity across all hierarchical levels

KPI reference
Status 2022
% female in organization, and management
GRI 405-1
22% total
18% line managers
32% level 2 management
11% top management
Our workforce

We have more than 50 different nationalities across our organization. From a gender equality perspective, we, as many others within the engineering industry, are male dominated. In 2022, 22% of our employees are women, and we aim for the same distribution of genders across all hierarchical levels. Compared to 2021, the proportion of women in senior leadership positions in the Elopak Group decreased from 37% to 32%, mainly due to an internal restructure, while still being above the general level of 22%.

Elopak targets equal compensation for men and women in the same level/position in our job classification system. We have access to data from Elopak ASA in the table below (the Norwegian legal entity), which represent a large share of management positions in Elopak. In this entity, we have reached the goal for Senior Management and are actively working to close the gap within other categories.

There are some legitimate variances in base salary, which are not particularly related to gender. We have low turnover and high seniority in a male dominated production and engineering industry, which leads to market variances in specialized fields.

Elopak legal unit


Ratio %
Ratio average annual base
salary Male to Female %
Elopak ASA, Norway
Senior management
(Executive management excl. CEO/2nd tier level)
Management (Line Managers/Team Leaders)
Employees (All others)

Moving forward

We will continue our work to embed diversity, equity and inclusion efforts into all our global policies and processes, including benefits, compensation, manager training and talent development. As an example, we will introduce mandatory training on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for leaders. DEI questions will also be included in our Full People Survey, to establish a baseline. We will continue to promote a positive change towards a more diverse management group that will force and encourage change moving forward.