Welcome to Elopak’s 2022 sustainability report!

Being a leading global supplier of carton packaging and filling equipment, Elopak always aim to act responsibly and leave the planet and its people unharmed. This report presents our sustainability approach and information on our progress. The report is fully digital and in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) framework. Some of the data disclosed is third-party verified.

The report is split into six parts:

1) Introduction – presents the company

2) General – describes our approach, governance, materiality and strategy

3) People – presents our social initiatives and progress

4) Planet – presents our environmental priorities and progress

5) Profit – presents our economic and financial area and progress

6) About – provides methodology, restatements and documentation as well as all data tables



Sustainability highlights 2022

Click here to download a short summary of our main sustainability highlights for 2022, including the complete list of targets and KPIs.

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From our CEO

Resilience in changing climates

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Our Vision

Chosen by people, packaged by nature.

Our Mission

As worldwide makers of carton-based packaging, we are committed to remaining our customers’ partner and the consumers’ favorite through relentlessly developing new solutions for an expanding range of content. By applying market-leading technology, skills, and natural material sourcing, we always aim to provide the highest quality products that leave the world unharmed.